Bellburn is an allotment site in the town of Darlington in County Durham north east England. The site has over 100 plots which are all currently being worked to grow a range of fruit, vegetables and flowers. Follow this link to see a plan of the site.

 We are a self managed site which means that although the local council owns the land we have a long term agreement to use the area and can run it under our own committee and rules. We encourage our plot holders to erect sheds, greenhouses and use as many recycled and environmentally friendly products as possible.     

 Interested in taking on an Allotment? We'd be happy for you to join us but before you apply please read this!

Gardening is undoubtedly a highly satisfying pastime: growing your own vegetables, being in the fresh air, healthy exercise.

BUT - Do you have:
The commitment to cope with all kinds of weather – rain, wind as well as shine?

The stamina for digging and all sorts of physical work?

6 to 8 hours a week throughout the year?

The time required for harvesting and preparation for cooking or freezing?

Time for ongoing weeding throughout the season? Weeds grow faster than anything else and nothing annoys neighbouring gardeners more than a neglected plot.

Time for travelling to and from your allotment?

Will you get your money’s worth from your outlay? Consider the cost of rent, tools, seeds, fertilisers, fencing, greenhouse or shed, etc.

And offset against all that the fun and friendships this hobby could bring to you and your family :-)

If you have been able to answer positively to the above, then congratulations, you are ready to apply for your own allotment. Please send your details to us via the enquiry form!

 As at April 2018 we have 4 names on the list so you won't have too long to wait - and you can always get a start by growing a few things at home. 

The cost to rent an allotment at Bellburn Lane is £50 for a full plot and £25 for a half plot with 40% reduction for concessions. 


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