More allotment related websites for you to browse.

Gardener's Almanac A week-by-week "what to do when" guide to growing just about anything.

Growing Vegetables on an Allotment Written based on the experience of an allotmenteer in Leeds, so it probably fairly represents what we can also achieve on our plots. All you need to know about common and heritage (or rare) varieties of potatoes. A very comprehensive site by John Harrison, author of "Vegetable growing month by month". There is a particulary good section of recipes.

National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners 
Lots of advice, guidance . newsletters and discounts.  For access to the members area contact the secretary for log in details with your name and plot number (

BBC Gardeners World latest web page

Grow Your Own Fruit & Vegetables magazine

Kitchen Garden magazine

National Vegetable Society Northern Branch. If you're serious about growing veg then you might think about joining the National Vegetable Society. They offer help and advice to both the novice and expert as well as holding regular meetings, events and shows.

Paul's Garden World

An interesting read from the wartime Ministry of Agriculture The monthly advice may be 65 years old (or more) but it is still valid. 

 If you are interseted in wild plants a good website to visit is They also publish a regular newsletter whcih you can receive direct to your email by signing-up on their page.  

If you don't mind using weedkillers, you may want to check out the ProGreen website. They even have a product called Kibosh which kills mares tail!



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