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From: Patricia Baston
To: John Monkhouse ; Kevin Raby ; Nancy Oakley ; Peter Plant ; Rob King ; ; Tom Hodgeson
Sent: Thursday, February 10, 2011 10:47 AM
Subject: NSALG Insurance Cover
Dear all
Glebe Road's Secretary, Rob King, has brought it to my attention today that the NSALG insurance subscription only covers one person per plot even if the plot is in joint tenancy.  If you wish to take out insurance for two individuals on one plot then you will have to pay two subscriptions.
Patricia Baston
Allotment Officer Tel: 01325 388052   [Internal ext 2052]
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Darlington Borough Council
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Darlington  DL1 1YN
As a result of this information, it is obvious that plots where more than one person gardens regularly will have to add extra insurance if they want to be covered. We already pay £2 per head to NSALG to cover each named plotholder.
 If you want additional cover it will be £2 for each person named. See Jean or Nancy as soon as possible as the site invoice is due to be paid very soon

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