Dear Pioneers
Spring has sprung and colour has finally erupted into our fields, woodlands, meadows and all our outdoor areas. Infact, after a slow start, many early summer plants are already flowering and you may have seen red campion, bluebells and stitchwort in your local parish and neighbourhood. Another plant that has been growing abundantly by the roadsides is cow parsley and you will soon not be able to drive anywhere without noticing elderflower hugging the roadsides. Delve into our May issue for some interesting thoughts on foraging and an unusual elderflower recipe plus as our thoughts turn to summer holidays we hope you will take some time to think about the amazing seaweeds that grow around our shores as we introduce this amazing family to you.

Last year we asked some of you what you thought of Pioneer. Your feedback was really useful in helping us develop the Pioneer bulletin further after our first year of publication. Since then, the number of readers has grown and we are asking everyone who reads Pioneer if they would mind completing our feedback form by following this link There is no hurry. The feedback form will be available until October 2011 – but the more feedback we get the more we can shape the newsletter for next year. With thanks in advance for your input and look forward to catching up later in the year when our thoughts will turn to next year's olympic games and how much of an influence wild plants have had on this ancient competition.

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With kind regards
The Wild About Plants team. 

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