The North East Council on Addictions (NECA) is a large regional charity working in the area of substance use/misuse, and they have taken on one of the plots on our site. They are currently looking for a volunteer to assist with the running of the plot, working with NECA staff and their clients. If you are interested in this opportunity please contact NECA on 01325 267230 or send an email to .

North East Council on Addictions
Allotment Project Volunteer
Background Information
The North East Council on Addictions (NECA) is a large regional charity working in the area of substance use/misuse.
Established in 1974, NECA is a registered charity and was founded initially as the North East Council on Alcoholism. The scope of NECA’s work widened as problems associated with drugs and solvents became prevalent, and to signify the increasingly diverse range of service provision offered it was decided to change the title of the organisation to the North East Council on Addictions.
NECA currently employs over 250 staff and 20 volunteers with an organisational turnover of over 7 million (2009/10). We are an Investor in People.
Purpose of the Allotment Project
To create and maintain an environment accessible to NECA clients focused on developing new and existing skills through positive engagement.  The allotment will be maintained by both volunteers and supervised clients.
Benefits of the Project
This activity enables the clients to access a community based project which is focused on therapeutic needs and provides a level of exercise determined by the individual. An embedded approach to education enables the clients to learn about a healthier option at low cost surrounding dietary needs.  As with other NECA Structured Day Care projects, the opportunity of ownership is provided by developing and increasing both self esteem and motivation.
Role Purpose - Tasks and Activities
to develop and maintain current allotment project.
to liaise with NECA staff member lead for Structured Day Care in forward planning for the area in which clients will access as an activity.
Be able to work on own initiative and also in the presence of the clients who will be supervised by a NECA member of staff 
If weather does not permit engagement outdoors, an alternative session may be offered indoors focusing on research and reporting on progress (Optional to volunteer). As with all client presence this will be under the supervision of staff member.  
When and Where
We require volunteers for two to three days per week to carry out the role in one of NECA’s Allotment Gardens.
Specific Qualities Needed
·       Basic knowledge of gardening is desirable
·       Reliability and punctuality
·       Respect for the rights of those people you are in contact with
·       Ability to negotiate and undertake a manageable workload and reasonable time commitment within your capacity
·       Ability to ask for support when and where it is needed
·       Excellent communication skills
·       Willingness to undertake relevant training
·       Open to change and able to request support to deal with change if necessary.
Quality Assurance
NECA aim to offer a quality service at all times and are committed to promoting continual improvement throughout all services delivered.  All volunteers are expected to share this aim and contribute towards upholding and enhancing further the standard and quality of service delivered throughout NECA.
Relevant in-house training will be provided.
In accordance with HM Revenue and Customs regulations, volunteers will be paid the cost of their journey from home to Centre / Project, bus fares or 40p per mile as appropriate.  Where for whatever reason a Volunteer is allocated to a Centre / Project which is further away than a Centre / Project closer to their home, only the shorter distance may be claimed
Where previously authorised, NECA will pay reasonable expenses incurred whilst undertaking voluntary tasks, either bus fares supported by a receipt or mileage rate, currently 40p per mile, if travel undertaken by car. 
Support and Supervision
Regular and on-going supervision and training will be provided to motivate and support Volunteers to enhance their volunteering work and to assist them to deliver quality services, enabling them to make a continuing and effective contribution to the success of the organisation and to their own continuing personal development. 

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